The Producers Consortium has been an invaluable extension of our production team for more than a decade, on projects that range from video to live-event and everything in between… sometimes turn-key and sometimes helping out with one aspect of a larger piece of work. Yellow Tag Productions relies on a robust 'extended family' of production talent in our immediate community, and the Producers Consortium has been a favorite cousin since the 90s. We literally couldn't have done what we've done without them.

Bill Anderson
VP, Yellow Tag Productions
Best Buy Co., Inc.

I give Producers Consortium my highest recommendation. They were professional, compassionate and went above and beyond our wildest expectations in creating our video. I can't imagine looking anywhere else when the time comes to make our next video.

Lindy Yokanovich
Executive Director
Cancer Legal Line

Brent Johnson of Producers Consortium is an excellent producer. I've known him for over 15 years. Our first project dates back to the 1990's when I was working as in-house producer at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Together we created an informative and well-received series of patient education videos.
Because of the solid working relationship we established, I have since hired Brent for video projects in my current role as the Manger of the Corporate Media Department at Medtronic, Inc. based in the Twin Cities. I have always been more than pleased with Brent's work and would highly recommend him.

Cynthia Hotvedt
Corporate Media Manager
Medtronic, Inc.

Our company has worked with Producers Consortium, Inc. for many years on many diverse projects. We've found them to be creative, technically knowledgeable, honest, and efficient. In terms of thoroughness with DVDs, commercials, etc., it is an enormous benefit for us to be able to rely on the experienced judgment and capabilities of the people at Producers Consortium. There is a very good chance that they have literally "been there and done that" with a wide variety of projects, and we are happy to be one of their clients.

J. Cola
Director of Marketing

Brent has been a valued part of the freelance team at Best Buy for many years. He's a great live event and video producer/director. No one is cooler under pressure, and his work is always top notch.

Chris Barry
Senior Director, Yellow Tag Productions
Best Buy Co., Inc.

Congratulations for an excellent job on the video. You did a very professional and skillful job, in my opinion, of tying together all the components of the story. You are very talented, and I wish you the best of luck in your career.

Curt Carlson
Carlson Companies

With your expertise, "calmness", cooperation and long-term vision, we not only got the video done, but the content of the video is more than we ever hoped for and that I owe to you. Your creativity and focus on what we wanted as far as a final product, was almost like you had been working for this company all along.

John B. Reagan
Manager-Top Brass program
The St. Paul Companies

I have been working closely with Brent Johnson of the Producers Consortium for over six years, producing large, elaborate Business Theater events. The big difference between Brent and other producers is that he fearlessly navigates our complex organization, which makes him invaluable to the internal team. Brent is extremely organized, professional, cool under pressure, and always a pleasure to work with. The Producers Consortium has not just been a production company to us, but a trusted partner.

Joan Kinsley
Executive Producer
Best Buy

We have found the working relationship with the Producers Consortium to be one of the best we've ever encountered with a vendor. They were creative, very responsive and cost effective. Simply put, we got a big bang for our buck with no surprises from the Producers Consortium. Given their particular expertise in the health care industry I feel confident in their abilities to handle virtually any project. I recommend their firm wholeheartedly as you plan for any video, film or print production.

Mary E. West
Senior Vice President
Therapeutic Immunology, Inc.

Our sales force is very excited about this new selling tool! I found you to be creative, very professional, and easy to work with. And, looking back on it now, those three qualities are probably the most important qualities I look for in a service provider.

Jay Lipe
Product Manager – Healthcare Products
Sandoz Nutrition

Although many of us felt as soon as we saw it that we had an excellent marketing tool, we could only be sure once we were able to "put it on the road". I am pleased to tell you that the reception we've received to our video has been excellent and has, I am sure, been instrumental in our closing several new accounts. You have demonstrated a great deal of talent and professionalism as you completed this project.

William R. Merriam
Northwestern National Life Insurance Company

It was a pleasure working with you. The stories were easy for consumers to understand in spite of the technical content of some of them. Your patience and persistence were really as asset when it came to working with the medical professionals.

Lisa G. McDonald
Associate Director
University of Minnesota Hospital and Clinic

It was enjoyable to work with someone of your caliber who can deliver a message in an informative yet entertaining way. I'm still amazed at how much we accomplished in such a short timeframe. Even more impressive is the fact that you kept us on budget! It is safe to say we can expect significant impact on sales as a result of your efforts on this project.

R. A. Ewing
Product Manager
Sandoz Nutrition

What a terrific job you did! Everything was on schedule and ran like clockwork. The results speak for themselves – we were on news shows at 6 PM and 10 PM on every major station we targeted. Your counsel in planning a video news release with real news value was key to the success, as was the high quality of the production itself. And the VNR proved to be a highly cost-effective element in our overall public relations program. Thanks again for your expert assistance.

Sara Jean Thoms,
SJ Thoms & Associates Inc.

We set out to do a high-quality video, and that's what we got. The concept, the actual video footage and the graphics blend together for a fast-moving, colorful and informative program.

Bill Turgeon
Director, University Relations & Alumni Affairs
Southwest State University

We're very pleased with the outcome of the show and we much of its success to our talent and skill. Your responsiveness or our needs and ability to move the project ahead with a demanding schedule were greatly appreciated.

Lynn MacDonald
American Express

Brent also tried hard to make the process fun. I am sure that it's always frustrating to work with 'amateur' in the world of television, but Brent never made us feel that way. He took our suggestions seriously. The entire product was much better than we could have imaged, thanks largely to Brent.

Judith A. Martin
Coordinator, Urban Studies Program
University of Minnesota